The LymeMIND consortium is one of the main pillars of LymeMIND’s integrated solution.

You can search the content aggregated from the consortium through LymeMIND Commons, find out about the 2020 consortium meeting, or see a complete list of all the centers that make up the LymeMIND consortium.

The 2020 LymeMIND Consortium Meeting

The invitation-only event brought together researchers, doctors and other consortium members promoting the development of new tools, scientific methods, and approaches to foster innovation in Lyme disease. To ensure the safety of all the attendees, we conducted this meeting as a virtual event.

  • CalendarFriday, October 9, 2020
  • PinVirtual Event
Cohen Lyme & Tickborne Disease Initiative

LymeMIND Consortium Centers

Yang Lab

Indiana University

Zhou Lab

San Carlos Apache Tribe

Tokarz Lab

Columbia University

Pal Lab

University of Maryland

Naviaux Lab

University of California San Diego


Mamoun Lab

Yale University

Jutras Lab

Virginia Tech

Griffiths Lab

Johns Hopkins University

Faber and Embers

Banbury Center (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) and Tulane University

Breitschwerdt and Maggi

Breitschwerdt and Maggi

Bemis and Ericson

University of Minnesota

Phyllis Bedford

LymeLight Foundation

Tick Project

Cary Institute & Bard College




Haystead Lab

Duke University

Schwartz and Hirsch

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Geisinger


Ozcan et al.

University of California Los Angeles


Marconi Lab

Virginia Commonwealth University

Mount Sinai

LymeMIND Data Coordination Center

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Lyme Disease Research Center

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Bay Area Lyme

Lyme Disease Biobank

Bay Area Lyme Foundation

Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center

Columbia University

Stony Brook

Luft Lab

Stony Brook university


Lipkin Lab

Columbia University

Lewis Lab

Northeastern University

Hu Lab

Tufts University


Hood et al.

Institute for Systems Biology


Fikrig Lab

Yale University

Tulane University

Embers Lab

Tulane University


Chiu Lab

University of California San Francisco


Baumgarth Lab

University of California Davis